Moving to New Zealand!

As of April, 2021, I will have moved myself and Cocoa the Schipperke to Wellington, New Zealand to start a new phase of helping others on their road to healing! 

For my current clients, I am offering online video sessions via secure, HIPAA-Compliant sites that I had used before such as Sanvello and Doxy.  I can be reached by email and Skype/Zoom as well between sessions although my availability will be greatly diminished due to having a full time job and the time difference (1-day ahead minus 3 hours). 

For past clients, whose records I had still been required to keep, I will have them and continue to store them securely should you require them.  You can request them from me with a release of information request (I can email you) or your representative can, and I can either mail or securely email scanned documents. 

Please know that it has been nothing short of a privilege to serve all of you and that Ventura will always be my home. :-) Te Ora with all my heart!