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Insurance and Psychotherapy

Dr. Davidson does not contract with health insurance providers directly with the exception of Medicare.  She is happy to provide you with documentation (receipts called "superbills") that you can submit to your insurance should you choose to seek reimbursement for psychotherapy.  Dr. Davidson will adjust her fees as much as possible to make therapy affordable for you so that you can benefit from the privacy and choice that paying out of pocket affords you.  The following explains reasons why Dr. Davidson chose to end contracting with insurance providers.  It is here to help educate consumers about their options. 

Reasons to go Outside Your Insurance Coverage for Psychotherapy




*Insurance providers require that psychologists and therapists provide a diagnosis, even after the first visit.  This diagnosis is part of your permanent record and can be accessed by anyone that requests it from the insurance carrier.




*Loss of Confidentiality= Loss of Control Over Who Gets Your Information 




*Having coverage doesn’t mean you are covered. And if you are, prepare to fight for it



*Many insurance companies do not give you a choice of what therapist you can see.




*See if your insurance will reimburse you for out of network providers




*Use Pre-Tax Dollars (Health Savings/Flex Spending Accounts)




*What you pay for when you choose a psychologist or therapist outside of your insurance and pay out of pocket without seeking insurance reimbursement is complete privacy.  



As you weigh the cost of psychotherapy, it important to consider the life goals you have not yet reached - your goals as they relate to work, your relationships or simply the daily quality of your life.  Because psychotherapy can help you make choices that will affect your entire future, it might be thought of as an investment in yourself - an investment on par with that of education or other forms of self-development.  The positive effects of psychotherapy last a lifetime.  Only you can decide whether the potential gains will compensate for your investment in time and money. 


To read more about these points, see the sub-page attached to this one

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